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Grandma Loretta Bears - 24"

Made from Loretta's striped, knit shirts. The feet are made from the shirt's lining, while the ears of the blue bear are made from the knit collar. "Grandma" is embroidered in a heart on the chest of each bear and a grandchild's name is embroidered on the foot.

Monica Bears - 20" and 24"

Made from Monica's white sweatshirts, multi-colored green sweater, variegated purple sweater, and light blue terry robe. "Mom" and "Grandma" are embroidered in hearts on the bears' chests and feet. Embellishments from the robe, green sweater, and one sweatshirt decorate the front of the bears. The pocket from the other sweatshirt is sewn on the front of the bear and the front snap placket is sewn on the back.

McKaila Bears - 20"

Made from McKaila's pink fleece robe, green capri jeans, and flowered knit pants. "McKaila" is embroidered in hearts on the feet. Miniature t-shirts were made for each bear from McKaila's embossed t-shits.

Sara Bears - 20"

Made from Sara's plaid cotton shirt, white embroidered housedress, green "Denver Health Volunteer" apron, denim shirt with embroidered pocket, and peach knit capris. "Mom" and "Sara" are embroidered in hearts on the feet. The drawstring from the capris is tied at the peach bear's neck. The feet of the white and plaid bears are made from the green apron, while the apron string is tied at the plaid bear's neck. The apron was also used to make a miniature vest; Sara's volunteer pin is attached to the vest.

Rozena Bears - 20" and 24"

Made from Rozena's yellow sweatshirt; green, sleeveless, gored dress with elastic belt; pink, flared dress with narrow pleats on the chest and a buttoned placket; and red, long-sleeved dress with soutache decorative trim and beading on the chest and sleeves. Miniture skirts were made to look like Rozena's dresses. The wording on the sweatshirt was reappliqued to fit on the bear. The names "Rozie", "Grammy", and "Mom" are embroidered in hearts on the feet of the bears.

Matt Bear - 20"

Made from Matt's favorite plaid, cotton shirt. "Matt" and "Love" are embroidered in hearts on the bear's feet.

Kin Bears - 24"

Made from Kin's blue jeans. Small versions of Kin's plaid, flannel shirts were made for each bear. "Kin", "Maynard", and "Papa" are embroidered in hearts on the feet. The jean pockets were used as pockets on the chest of two of the bears. One bear is wearing a purchased infant t-shirt.

Chesley Bears - 20" and 24"

Made from thermal long underwear shirts that were purchased because all of Chesley's clothes were given away. Chesley always wore thermal long underwear, a plaid, flannel shirt, and jeans. "Chesley", "Daddy" and "Granpa" are embroidered in hearts on the feet. The bears are wearing purchased infant jeans, plaid shirts, and a jean jacket.

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