Bear Gallery

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Amanda Bear - 24"

Made from Amanda's plaid cotton shirt. Amanda's name is embroidered on the pocket and butterflies are embroidered on the feet.

Delmar Bears - 24"

Two bears were made from Delmar's plaid flannel shirts and blue Dickies pants. The other bear was made from Delmar's green military coveralls. "Paw Paw" and "Delmar" are embroidered in hearts on the feet.

Kathy Bears - 24"

Made from Kathy's blue plaid shirt and yellow knit shirt. The ears, feet, and the pocket on the plaid bear were made from Kathy's library shirt. "Kathy" and "Mom" are embroidered in hearts on the feet.

Joanne Bears - 24"

Made from Joanne's pastel knit shirts. "Joanne", "Mom", and "Grandma" are embroidered in hearts on the chest. Clear plastic pockets are sewn on the chest to hold a picture of Joanne.

Jessica Bears - 20"

Made from Jessica's jeans, denim capris, overalls, and brown ultrasuede pants. Clothes made from her corduroy skirt, capris, overalls, ultrasuede pants, and cow-print vest. Jessica's bracelets were made into necklaces. Her name, nickname, and dragonflies are embroidered on the feet.

Emily Bear - 24"

Made from Emily's knit pajama pants. Emily's name is embroidered on a heart pocket and her nickname "Skister" is embroidered on the foot.

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