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Darryl Pillow - 16"

Made from Darryl's cotton, checked shirts. One shirt is used for one side of the pillow and a second shirt is used for the other side. A heart is embroidered on one pocket with Darryl's name, while another pocket is sewn on the other side.

Clif Bears - 20"

Made from Clif's knit shirts. "Grandpa" is embroidered in hearts on the feet. "Coors", where Clif was employed, is embroidered on one side of the bears' chests, while a pocket from the shirt is sewn on the other side.

JoAnn and Roger Bears - 20" and 24"

Each bear is made from JoAnn's holiday sweaters and Roger's sweater or shirt. JoAnn and Roger's names and death dates are embroidered in hearts on the feet of each bear.

Daniel Bear - 20"

Made from Daniel's jeans and black t-shirt. “Dad” is embroidered in a heart on the jean's pocket, which is sewn on the bear's chest. The bear wears ribbons for Daniel's favorite Minnesota Vikings team.

Paul Pillows - 14"

Made from Paul's t-shirts and windshirt for the sports teams he supported. "Pompo" and "Dad" are embroidered in hearts on the back of the pillows.

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