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Shanda Bears - 20" and 24"

Made from Shanda's jeans, sweatshirt, knit pajamas, cotton tropical shorts, appliqued striped shirt, and polyester flag shirt. Shanda's name and nicknames are embroidered on the feet of each bear. A small pillow was made from a favorite blanket.

Mike Bears - 24"

Made from Mike's maroon and tan t-shirts. "Mike" is embroidered on a heart pocket and "Mikey" is embroidered on the t-shirt.

Shawn Bears - 20"

Made from Shawn's polyester Avalanche pajamas and gray t-shirt. "Shawn" is embroidered in hearts on the feet. Buttons from the pajamas are sewn on the front of the bears.

Jake Bear - 20"

Made from Jake's fleece, one-piece pajamas. "Jake" is embroidered in a heart on the foot. A clear plastic pocket is sewn on one side of the chest to hold a picture of Jake and the pajama's original pocket is sewn on the other side. The feet are made from the pajama foot pads and the ears from the sleeve cuffs. The neck ribbing from the pajamas and the snap placket are sewn at the bears neckline.

Ken Bears - 17", 20" and 24"

Made from my father-in-law's shirts and jeans. "Dad" and "Popa" are embroidered in hearts on the feet. The front of one bear is a patchwork of five shirts. Another bear is wearing smaller versions of Ken's t-shirt and plaid shirt. Two bears have the shirt pockets on the chest. One bear has the shirt button placket on the front and the shirt collar at the neck.

Grandpa Tom Bears - 17"

Made from Tom's nylon, quilted jackets. The feet and ears of brown bear are made from the jacket's knit cuffs, while those of the blue bear are made from the jacket lining. "Grandpa" is embroidered in hearts on the feet.

McKaila Bears - 20"

Made from McKaila's fleece, one-piece cloud pajamas, pink fleece robe, and green cordury jeans with maroon embossed t-shirt. "McKaila" is embroidered in a heart on the pocket of the pink bear and in hearts on the feet of the other bears. The zipper front and collar of the cloud pajamas was used as the front of the bear. The pink bear is embellished with appliques from the robe, including a Princess applique on the back. The arms of the green bear are made from the pockets of the jeans.

Scott Bear - 24"

Made from Scott's brown plaid shirt and fleece, hooded sweatshirt. "Scott Davis" is embroidered in a heart on the foot. A picture of Scott wearing the shirt is behind a clear plastic covering that is sewn on the other foot. The bear is wearing a smaller version of Scott's sweatshirt.

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